MAG Hammock

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The Mag Hammock is a fully adjustable and modular magazine carrier that can be worn in a deep pocket carry configuration or inside the waistband. The Hammock is made from durable and lightweight Tegris and one wrap. 

The Hammock will accept ANY single or double stack pistol magazine out there. The height adjustment strap can me moved  up or down in conjunction with with the position of the included clip for the the most range of adjustment on any universal mag carrier out there. The Hammock weighs nothing and you'll forget its in your pocket. 

Customer Reviews

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Clayton Fike
Absolutely the Best!

Simply the best, Mag holder for your pocket. And everyday carry!

Josh Newlun

This thing is simply awesome!! 15 LEO and working plainclothes presents gear challenges for sure. Having a reload is must. Concealcraft nailed it, providing a simple slick design that holds my mag secure and concealed in any pants or shorts. Slide it in your pocket exactly where you want it and it will not move. Consistent mag draw every time. No hang ups or snags ever!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Get one!!!

James Faltesek
Mag hammock

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks new and have done some dry fire reloads and it has been great. Tho only complaint I have is when using with thinner material pants the clip rides up to the top of my pocket when drawing the mag.

Kaipo Camarao
Just get one

It’s perfect, no magnets or pocket catch hooks. Good metal clip and secure mag retention, all at a reasonable price. Just get one, or don’t. No but seriously, get one, they’re awesome!